The Amazing Brussels, Belgium

By:Alexis Bisconti

The Theater

Do you know what a theater is called I Brussels, Belgium? Ok I will tell you it is called de la monnie offerce performance and fine arts and it is actually in the middle of Brussels, Belgium & did you know that the people who dance there say that it is haunted. One girl broke a leg because she got cursed for saying cuss words to her ballet teacher.

Did you know?

Do you know the historians really did not know when Brussels, Belgium was founded .And the A.D 900’s did not eather that is just cold shouldn’t they know that.


the bildings are surprisingly 200 to 500 years old and people think that it might be haunted because the people who work there have herd strange noises so the people go up there every week and they tell ghost story’s all night long for 1- hour it is really creepy.


The (pop.) of Brussels, Belgium is very large, For some people it is very hard to say, but it is more than 1 million it might even have a chance of being in the billions there are 3 populations a lot of people go there for trips because it is very interesting culture.

The school:

Something interesting is the school busses are actually purple and the school buss color of the numbers are pink & green the school bus numbers are 200 through 400 that is how the numbers are in Brussels, Belgium isn’t that crazy!!!

Did you know?

Brussels, Belgium is in the shape of a heart it is the lower section, called the lower city in the winter.