Bulldog Brief

We are the Wylie Way! 4/8/16

Good Quote I ran across this week. . . .

Being positive is a battle each day, a battle against the negative. Be intentional and you can win.

Random important tidbits. . .

**If you are available and/or you did not work the Trunk or Treat in the fall, please take a minute to sign up for our Spring PTA event. This is one of our largest PTA fundraisers and we need as much help as possible to make it a BIG success. Thank you in advance for your support for our Smith Family!


**Also, please help spread the word about Friday. If you could, please include the following link in your communication to parents. I will do the same with the SMORE over the weekend.


**Lesson Plan template - I was able to speak with most of you about the lesson plan template that has been designed for K-12 for our district. It will go live on May 16, in order for you to have the final weeks to plan with the template prior to the 16-17 school year. There were several good questions brought up last week, I will let you know as soon as I have these answers.

**Please also help build up the Chick-Fil-A spirit night this Thursday! We would love to win the Triple Crown!! Let's go Bulldogs!!

Summatives are just around the corner. . .

Please take a few minutes to provide us with your feedback. The google form link is listed below. Also, if you are on PDAS appraisal system, please take the next week to complete your self report sections 2 and 3. Jamie and I will be scheduling summative meetings in the upcoming weeks. Also, it has been communicated to us that the PD summer schedule should be ready by 4/16 and will go live to register on the same day.


Even if you aren't returning, there are several questions we would like you to complete on the form. You don't need to answer the questions about teaching assignments. Thank you!

Hope Camera Project: throughout the month of April

In the book, Making Hope Happen, there is a project called the Hope Camera Project. The basic project is taking a picture of what hope looks like to you and writing a caption about what it means. :) In the book, the project goes into much greater detail {you could have it be a big project where the kids take a set of pictures and then choose the one that is the greatest representation and do a writing assignment to explain how it looks like hope to them}.

You can make it as detailed as you want. We would love participation at least on the minimum piece: have kids take a picture of what hope looks like to them, write a caption about why, tag it #hopecameraproject, and post it! (remember, this can be modified to meet the needs of your specific grade levels, maybe it’s drawing a picture, or maybe it’s having the teacher post it!)

On the way: a short video about what hope means and a short video about the hope camera project.

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Upcoming Assessments


G4 EOY Assess 4/12-4/14

#smithmediamadness feedback

We are very excited about the success of media madness night. You all worked very hard and your techsperts were well prepared. We would like to capture your feedback while it is fresh on your mind. Please take a minute to complete the survey by clicking on the link below. Thank you!!


Thoughts From a Bulldog

We love the fantastic blog posts you have done this year! If you haven't kept up with it, check it out as there are FABULOUS ideas found throughout! Below you will find a link to the blogging calendar, just in case you have forgotten your date. Keep up the great work!!!

Blogging Calendar

Thoughts From a Bulldog Blog

Whitt's Blog (full of great reflections)

Wylie Way Awards Banquet: Spring 2017

Our district has given out Wylie Way Awards several times over the years, and we want to make it a much more intentional practice and celebration! So, in May of 2017, we will be having a Wylie Way Awards banquet. The nomination window opens April 1-June 1 and we need help getting the word out!
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On the Calendar

4/14 - Teddi visits Kindergarten

4/14 - Chick-Fil-A Spirit Night

4/15 - House Meetings

4/15 - A Friendship Adventure with Ronald McDonald for K-2

4/15 - Color Wars and Silent/Live Auctions

4/18 - #UR Learning 3:00 in the Computer Lab

4/21 - 1st Grade Music Sharing

4/22 - Bulldog Boogie