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Password Security

Steps to a strong password.

* Always have uppercase letters

* You should have lowercase letters

* Have numbers inside of the password

* Have some symbols in said password (ex. @ # $ ^ & *)

* One can use symbols and numbers as letters (ex. 1=I; @=A; $=S; 0=o; ect...)

* Make sure your passwords are different from site to site

* Don't put personal information in passwords

Examples of a good passwords: Wh@t$uP; Y01oSweGg1n$; 6@UpruHa; cHAc+a5E; frAT7e#a; #huKAst8; 5uSe=HeS; B$7rEspE; SpucHa5=; sP_2u; +Ubuvew6

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What is a strong password? _______ Why would I need it? ______

A strong password is a password with different letters, symbols, and numbers that make the password very hard to memorize or hard to copy.

You need a strong password because if you have a weak one, you'll have lots of problems with hackers, theft, and in result, online credibility.