First Grade Newsletter

Seguin Elementary School

This Week:

Literacy: We will find the main idea and details within a text.

Writing: We will write about a small moment.

Math: We will apply our knowledge of missing addends and use subtraction.

Social Studies: We will learn about a variety of cultures and how our families compare to different cultures.

Science: We will continue to discuss the 4 Seasons.

Spelling Words

New Spelling Pattern:

ph words and /oo/ words:


Orange Dismissal Signs

If you need another orange dismissal sign, please let your teacher know. Please bring your orange dismissal sign to pick up your child each and everyday for the safety of all children. This consistency provides safety when subs are dismissing students.

Roo Reminders:

Mar 2: College Colors Day

Mar 3: Reading Night (more info coming soon
Mar 4: Report Cards Go Home
Mar 10: PTA General Body Meeting @ 3:30pm
Mar 14-18: Spring Break
Mar 25: No School
Mar 29-30: STAAR Testing

First Grade Updates!

*REMINDER: Six Flags Reading Logs will be due in February!!!

*Reading Homework: One Breath Boxes and read for 20 minutes per night, please sign your child's reading log. :)

*Math Homework: Addition math facts, if your child has mastered their addition math facts, start with simple subtraction math facts. 3 + 2 = 5 or 6 - 2 = 4

Thank you for supporting your child's education!