Texas A&M Traditions

Gig Em

This is now what aggies scream as a victory screech. It all started in 1906 at a scream event. A man asked "What are we going to do to those bullfrogs?" He replied "gig em". From then on that became their thing.


It all started in 1990 when a bunch of cadets decided to start a fire to celebrate the victory of the football. Over the years more and more people began to show up and it eventually became popular. The first official bonfire was held in 1969. Over time they got bigger and bigger, the biggest was stood 105 ft. This has grown into one of their favorite traditions.

Aggie Ring

At Texas A&M it is the highest of honors to receive a aggie ring. It all started in 1989 when the senior class got rings. They were all different because at the time different companies made them. On the ring there is an eagle which symbolizes agility and power. Also on the ring is a cannon, saber, and a rifle. Each student receives a ring once they graduate.