7th Grade Newsletter

December 7, 2015


7th graders have a very busy few weeks coming up. Please keep the following dates on your calendar:

December 7th Chorus Pearl Harbor Day field trip/performance

December 9th TRIO visit to Merrimack college December

December 10th Bacteria test rewrites due for Science

December 11th Math unit test

December 15th ELA District Writing Assignment

Don't forget!!!

Early Release day December 9th

Progress Reports go home December 17th

Holiday concert December 18th.

About Mrs. Doole

Phone: 978-937-8973 ext: 2223

Email: rdoole@lowell.k12.ma.us

Hi! I'm so happy to be working with Butler kids and the Butler team. It's been an amazing experience! I grew up in Lowell and attended Lowell Public Schools since grammar school. Though I moved away from Lowell for several years, it's been wonderful being back and contributing to the success of the kids.

Prior to teaching English, I worked as a Human Resources Manager for a small firm in Boston. After 13 years in this profession, I decided to fulfill my dream and began working on my Masters in Education in 2010. I've been working for Lowell Public Schools for several years and have been with the Butler Middle School for two of those years. I have a passion for English as a subject and a passion for learning. I can't think of a better way to live out my passion than teaching.

About Ms. Tapia

Phone: 978-937-8973 ext; 2218

Email: jtapia@lowell.k12.ma.us


I am excited to join the Butler Bulldogs family on my 10th year as an Educator! I have been an ELA teacher for 9 years in Lawrence (6 at the high school and 3 at the middle schools) and have educated in various settings such as the Adult Learning Center, summer programs in the University of Maine, Boys and Girls Club and Phillips Academy, even writing workshops in Vermont, New York, and throughout Massachusetts. As a daughter of an immigrant I have experienced the importance of literacy and hope to impart a love of reading, writing, communication, and analytical skills to my students.

My goal this year is to create a community within my classroom that encourages creation, expression, critical thinking, and most importantly that reflects the voices of my students and their families. I hope to build upon what the students know and to have them impart their knowledge and skills back to their peers and me which mold them into civically engaged young adults. If you would like to visit our classroom or participate in our activities do not hesitate to contact me.

ELA with Ms. Tapia and Mrs. Doole

Last week was jam packed! Congratulations to all students who completed their Expert Presentations on time. Students worked tirelessly creating a presentation in Google Slides. Not only did they master their topic, they all learned quite a bit of technology. Ask them to show you their final product. We have some very tech savvy students!

This week, we'll be working on building our argument writing. Students are tackling some great issues: How stereotypes affect boys, Should cell phones be allowed in school?, Does class size matter?, to name a few. Students will work with these and other topics to determine a claim, come up with reasons to support their claim and then explain WHY and HOW those reasons support their claim. We have a feisty group of kids and have had some amazing in-class debates. So when your kids try to argue with you about homework or cleaning their room ask them to support their claim. They may surprise you.

All students will complete their second major writing assignment on Tuesday, December 15th in class. Students will be asked to identify the central idea of two texts and write about how the author develops this idea. We'll spend all of this week preparing them and have no doubt they will be successful.

About Mrs. Waugh

Phone: 978-937-8973 ext: 2227

Email: jwaugh@lowell.k12.ma.us

Hi! I'm a graduate of Umass Lowell and Cambridge College. I have traveled extensively around the world and lived in Egypt and Brazil where I taught English for three years. I have been teaching in Lowell since 1998. I love history and love to bring it alive for my students

Social Studies with Mrs. Waugh

Las wee, students completed the chapter on Mesopotamia and took a chapter test, which included an essay about the ancient seafarer civilization the Phoenicians.

This week the students will learn how the how the geography of the Nile river changes as the river runs. They will also learn about the types of communities that first appeared along the Nile River and how the Nile was used for trade. In order to accomplish this, the students must learn the definitions and how to use correctly the key terms that go along with the section: The Geography of the Nile.

Students need to be reviewing, notes, text, and studying key terms daily along with any other homework assigned. I would encourage your child to read other material on ancient Egypt and if possible watch any program on ancient Egypt to help them get a fuller understanding of this remarkable ancient civilization, the longest ancient civilization known to man.

******There will be a project on ancient Egypt after we return to school in January, it will be a major project including a research paper, poster, and presentation. More detailed information will follow in January

About Mrs. Kabriel

Phone: 978-937-8973

Email: ekabriel@lowell.k12.ma.us

I love teaching 7th graders and I love teaching math!

I am so happy to join the wonderful teachers and staff at the Butler Middle School this year, however it's my 9th year teaching 7th grade math in Lowell. Before coming to Lowell I taught special education for four years in an elementary school. Prior to changing careers to devote my energies to education, I spent almost 20 years working in the business world helping companies implement business information systems and business process


Middle school is an exciting and challenging time of change. With your help, I hope to ease each student's transition to seventh grade. My goal is to provide a high quality, safe learning environment that will academically challenge and develop your child's math abilities and skills in addition to facilitating his/her social and emotional growth.

About Mrs. Pappalardo

Phone: 978-937-8973

Email: cpappalardo@lowell.k12.ma.us

Prior to teaching, I spent 15 years in Operations Management in the Mortgage Banking field. I always felt a pull to teaching, coming from a family full of math educators. This is my 7th year teaching 7th grade and 5 of those have been here at the Butler Middle School. I truly love what I do. Along with teaching at the school, I coach the girls basketball team and am a member of the PBIS Committee. I am dedicated to the middle school and would not want to be teaching at any other grade level.

Math with Mrs. Pappalardo and Ms. Kabriel

Operations with positive and negative fractions and decimals was the primary focus of the past week and the students showed great diligence and perseverance! With each additional problem successfully solved, the confidence improved!

Students will be finishing up their second major math unit, Rational Numbers by December 11th. The students have worked hard to master all 4 operations with positive and negative integers, fractions and decimals. In addition, they have learned about absolute value, how to calculate distance vs. change and how to apply their knowledge to progressively more complex word problems. The end of unit test will be given Friday December 11th.

Don't forget to keep up with homework, it helps you practice the math and only adds to your grade!

About Mrs. Jordan

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Email: ejordan@lowell.k12.ma.us

Hello! I am Emilia Jordan, the 7th grade science teacher at the Butler Middle School. In 7th grade, we study Life Science and I am very excited to about working with the great group of students in 7th grade this year.

A little bit about me…

I grew up near Detroit, Michigan in a family of six (mom, dad, and 3 younger siblings). After graduating as valedictorian of my high school class, I attended to the University of Michigan, where I was dually enrolled as both a science student and an art student. At the University of Michigan, I earned a Bachelors of Science in Microbiology and a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Scientific Illustration. For several years after college, I worked as a research assistant in a lung cancer lab and as an illustration assistant for a science art firm. Eventually, I began substitute teaching, which lead me to pursue my Masters degree in Education at UMass Lowell and my current teaching position here in Lowell. This is my tenth year teaching 7th grade science at the Butler Middle School. In addition to teaching science, I also coach the Butler Knowledge Bowl team.

Outside of school, I enjoy spending time with family and friends. I also enjoy playing games, reading, camping, running (when I'm not injured), napping, and catching up on my favorite TV shows. One of my favorite things to do during vacation is travel—I love experiencing new places, eating new foods, and learning new things. This year, I've traveled to Brazil, Argentina, Denmark, the Netherlands, Maine, New Hampshire, Michigan, and Texas.

Science with Mrs. Jordan

Students are in the middle of a Bacteria Lab activity (this week and last week). One of our goals is to find out where in the school we can find a lot of bacteria and where we find only a few or no bacteria. Students first learned a variety of vocabulary and lab techniques related to the activity. Students then collected samples from inside the science room and from various locations in the school. The petri dishes incubated for several days. This week, students are gathering data from the petri dishes and will be analyzing the results. Ask your child to tell you about the lab activities so far!

Bacteria Test Rewrite is due Thursday, December 10th. 5 bonus points earned if the Rewrite is turned in early.

I will be available after school on Monday and Tuesday until 4:00 to help students with Rewrites.

About Mrs. Clark

Phone: 978-937-8973

Email: kxclark@lowell.k12.ma.us

My name is Karen Clark, I have been a Special Education teacher for 13 years ranging from elementary to middle school. I have been at the Butler Middle School for 8 years, the last six have been in seventh grade. I am licensed in both special education and middle school math. I work closely with the seventh and eighth grade math teachers to support all students, and co-teach with both Mrs. Pappalardo and Mrs. Kabriel, and with Mrs. Gurriero, grade 8. I recently came back from maternity leave in the middle of September. I am the proud mother of a beautiful baby boy, Philip Joseph "PJ," with that said, I am only available after school on Monday's and Friday's until 3:45 to support students with their math.

Ms. Segarra, ELA Special Education Teacher

Phone: 978-937-8973

Email: mssegarra@lowell.k12.ma.us

Mrs. Coffey, ELL Newcomer Teacher

Phone: 978-937-8973

Email: dcoffey@lowell.k12.ma.us