Conversations & Observations

Block 4: Filling out the template

Mission: Assessment Triangulation

Last PD Challenge

For Our Next PD Session: For November 18th, choose one of the following options.

A - Take an assignment that you have already developed and will be teaching in a class before our next PD session, November 18th.

  • Alter the assignment to include a conversation component in your gathering of evidence that shows student learning. (For example, consider choosing a success criteria that could be evaluated using a conversation rather than a written paragraph.)
  • Bring your ‘Before and After’ assignment tools, along with your mark book, to share with your colleagues at our next meeting.

B – Teach a conversation-based assignment that you have already developed in a class before our next PD session.

  • Bring your assignment tool and your mark book for sharing
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The Template

Part 1: reflect on PD Challenge (15-20 minutes)

Part 2: moving forward (25-30 minutes)

Follow up: A & E tool gallery walk

Library Set Up

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