Team Tuesday

March 10, 2015


That's the name of the game ladies! You want to build your business? You want to grow a team? You want to earn the most money? You HAVE to book shows.

Don't get me wrong. There are SO many things we can do to get those extra sales but if you really want to earn, you have to book those in-home shows. Whether it is one show a month to qualify or 6 shows a month to hit STELLAR SELLER, trunk shows are the bread and butter of this business. So... how do you book??

Booking Incentive:
March: You book (and hold) 4 in home trunk shows, you are entered to win the Double Clutch in Soft Mint. ADORABLE!

April: We also need to look ahead for April. It's one of the best seasons of the year. People shopping for Mother's Day, Autism Awareness Month, ladies are starting to thaw and are ready to shop. Not to mention our Summer line will be out and ready to go mid-April. Book it up ladies! Use the images below! (Stay tuned for another fun incentive for anyone that books 4 shows in April)


Christy Dinger

Christy just joined our team on Thursday! She is a Physics teacher at Downingtown STEM Academy and LOVES Stella & Dot. She has been a great customer since I joined last May and finally decided to take the plunge for herself. Now she can get the fun stuff she wants, without feeling guilty...and make some money while she is at it! Please welcome her to this awesome group of women!

Oh! And TODAY is her birthday!! Happy Birthday Christy!

Polyvore Style Boards

This has been a new fun thing for me to work on... you know? In my free time... ;-)

So you can create an account through Facebook and start creating fun style boards to post in your invitations, text to hostesses, and use for general marketing. I've only made a few but here are some that I found and like a lot. Try it out at

Stay Connected!

I'd love to be able to chat with you all whenever I can (and allow you to do the same). Many of the ladies on our team use Voxer to chat back and forth without having to type every word. So instead, you just voice memo that person and the message is saved for them to listen to when they can. Download and find me at kausti6772

Can't wait to VOX!