Title 1 Overview

How is eligibility determined for Title 1, Part A funding?

An LEA's (Local Educational Agency) Basic Grant is based on a number formula which consists of: how many low- income children are documented by the Census Bureau's poverty criteria (not free and reduced lunch), children who live in foster homes, and children who live in facilities for neglected children as reported on the Annual Survey of Children. For more information you can visit this website. http://ritter.tea.state.tx/nclbaa/ap15FundingFormulas.pdf

What does "Supplement, Not Supplant" mean?

The federal supplement, not supplant provision is intended to ensure that services under Title 1 are used to supplement (increase the level of service), and not supplant (replace) services that would otherwise be provided to participating students with state and local funds if Title 1 funds were not available.

How does the LEA determine which campuses are eligiable to participate in Title 1, Part A?

Title 1, Part A allows the following measures to be used:

  • Children ages 5-17 in poverty as counted by the most recent Census data.
  • Children eligible for free and reduced lunches under the National School Lunch Act.
  • Children in families seeking support from TANF program.
  • Children eligible to receive medical assistance under the Medicaid program.
  • A composite of any of the above measures.

What are Title 1, Part A campus-level requirements for involving parents?

  • Convene an annual meeting.
  • Provide parents of participating children: timely information about Title 1, a description of the curriculum used at school, assessment used to measure student progress, and the proficiency levels students are expected to meet.
  • Ensure that information related to school and parent programs, meetings etc are in a practical format and appropriate language.

How have the new Parental Involvement requirements under Title 1, Part A empowered parents?

The parents now have a right to know:

  • Professional qualifications of their child's teachers.
  • Achievement level of their child in each of the state assessments.
  • Timely notice that their child has been assigned to or taught for more that four consecutive weeks by a teacher that is highly qualified.

What information must the LEA notify parents is available upon request?

At the beginning of the school year, an LEA receiving Title 1, Part A funds MUST notify the parents of each student attending any Title 1, Part A campus that the LEA will provide the parents in a timely manner upon request any information regarding the professional qualifications of the student's classroom teachers.

What specific teacher qualifications are to be provided upon request?

At a minimum:

  • Whether the teacher has met state qualifications regarding licensing for the grade level and subjects being taught.
  • Whether the teacher is teaching under an emergency status.
  • The baccalaureate degree major of the teacher and any other graduate certification or degree held by the teacher.

Is the LEA required to notify parents of any paraprofessionals' qualifications?

The LEA is required to notify the parents, that the parent has the right to reque3st information concerning whether their child is provided services by paraprofessionals, and, if so, their qualifications.