September 19, 2016

Welcome Coaches

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Program Updates

7th-9th grades GEAR UP Student Survey

Thank you for conducting the GEAR UP student surveys. As a friendly reminder the surveys are due to ASU on September 30.

Roadmap To College Night

On September 13, at the Stone Center, Elizabeth Owens, a national presenter for Princeton Review, outlined the steps necessary in constructing a "ROADMAP to College." The focus of the event was to make parents and students aware of the significance of middle school, high school transition, and the 9th grade year, in building the foundation necessary for college.

National GEAR UP Week Celebrations!

Why Gear Up Week?

National GEAR UP Week is an opportunity to raise awareness in your school and community about the positive impact GEAR UP is having locally.

Research shows--

School culture and climate directly affect student learning and engagement as well as college aspirations and preparation. A college-going culture sets high expectations for all students and provides them with the academic preparation and other tools to meet those expectations. Students benefit from ever-present reminders of college expectations in visual reminders, verbal interactions and activities dedicated to exploring postsecondary opportunities. All school staff, plus parents and students (and even the community) play a role in consistently echoing the expectation of college.

WCC GEAR UP Celebration

All Wilkes and Watauga 6th grade students will attend a presentation by Arel Moodie on the campus of Wilkes Community College on September 20, 2016. Mr. Moodie is a best selling author who has been a featured speaker at the White House. The presentation will focus on likability and decision making skills.

Middle & High School Celebrations

Bulletin boards, guest speakers, and career Jepordy are only a few ways Wilkes celebrates National GEAR UP week.


Selected 7th-8th grade students from across the county will participate in AsUGUIDE at Appalachian State University the weekend of October 7-9, 2016. The AsUGUIDE weekend provides students with the opportunity to explore entrepreneurship by undertaking the entrepreneurial process over the course of the creation weekend. Students will analyze their local school/community, identify unmet opportunities for providing product or services. Working with ASU staff and local businesses, students will develop a presentation and pitch for the venture they choose.

Celebrate Careers Related to Monthly Awareness

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Work plan for year 3

Updates from ASU & WCC

UCAN Meeting

Monday, Oct. 17th, 4-5pm

Central Office Boardroom