New Mexico

All about tourist atraction

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Hey would you want to go to New Mexico? Dont know what to do there? Well then this is the flyer for you!

Rio Grande Zoo

A big one is Rio Grande Zoo! its got over 200 exhibits including African, Austrialian, and Tropical Amarican . Some animals are Mexican Gray wolves, Panthers, seals, sea loins, elephants and a reptile house
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Dancing Polar Bear at the Rio Grande Zoo

Carlsbad caverns

here are some things about Carlsbad caverns 1. it participates in the junior rangers program 2. approximately 2/3 of the park is set away for wildlife 3. One chamber can be up to up to 22 stories high and 3000 feet long
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Carlsbad Caverns 2-minute Tour

white sands national mounument

the white sands national mounument like it says has white sand and the biggest sand dune in the world
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Stunning White Sands National Monument in New Mexico