The 7 Principles of Government

Ian Groves And Isaiah Levert

Popular Sovereignty

Popular Sovereignty is where the people give the power to the Government. For a example in the Constitution the beginning verse is "We The people of The United states." Another example is when the people vote for a president or vote for a bill.


federalism is a system in which the governments powers are divide through out to each branch. For example when congress makes a law the president can veto it and it cant go through. Another example is that federalists wrote the constitution.

Separation of Powers

Separation of government is where we split up the powers that each branch of government can have all the power. This is to keep any branch from becoming a king. For example the president doesn't have all the power and congress can block all his laws hes trying to make.


Republicanism is when the people exercise their power by voting for their political government. For example the people vote for the congress they want same as the president.