Hannah James; Block 1


Aluminum is a silver color. The density is 2.7 g/mL. It is also very strong and sturdy. Aluminum is used for cans, foils, kitchen utensils, cars, and plane wings. In moist air, aluminum combines slowly with oxygen in oxidation. It reacts quickly with air and and reacts with many hot acids. When combined with elements such as silicon, copper, or magnesium, it forms super strength alloys. The melting point is 1220.581°F and the boiling point is 4566°F. Aluminum is found as a solid and is found in the earth's core. There is only one isotope.

Story About Aluminum

My name is Mr. Aluminum. I am a metal and am on the right side of the periodic table. My atomic number is 13 and my mass is 27 grams.

I have many uses such as cans, foils, cars, and airplane wings. I am one of the strongest elements.

My best friends are Iron and Tin. We are a power trio. We are very strong and we help people with their everyday lives.