Micky Mouse Day

It SHOULD be a holiday!

Why it should be a holiday:

Mickey Mouse is a very important character in most young children's lives. He is everywhere, in stores, television, and most young peoples' movies. He is featured on shirts, and most merchandise everywhere. His home, Disneyland is known as, "The happiest place on earth, and in most minds, it is. The small character brought so many people happiness, there should DEFINITELY be a day designated to this little guy!

His History:

1928- His first appearance in a film called "Steamboat Willie" Minnie mouse is also in the film!

1930- The first Mickey Mouse comic is published!

1932- The next Mickey mouse cartoon, The Band Concert, is published!

1940- Fantasia is published with Mickey Mouse as the host

1949- Walt Disney Music Company is formed with Mickey as the logo

1955- There was a TV show dedecated to the character on ABC Family called "Mickey Mouse Club"

1969- He is part if the arena show, "Disney on Parade"

1987- Mickey Mouse is featured on Disney Dollars

2005- Disney on Ice starts up and is still showing, with Mickey as host!