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Words of Grant Grebner

“The ribbons are going to fade and the trophies will tarnish. We need to remember that it’s family time and teaching the life skills of responsibility, communication and good sportsmanship- that’s the real reason we do it.”

Think about from day one who all you will be inviting to watch you show. We all have a support team. Family, Friends, Teachers maybe even Pastors and Community Leaders. You invite them to come out and support all of your hard work and dedication you and your family will commit to this project. Think about this from day one so you understand that your commitment from day 1 to the day of the show maintains a focus that is required and effort worthy of those you invited praise. Nothing worse than looking people in the eye and thanking them for coming out knowing you did not give your very best. It is easy to give your best the first and last 20 days of a feeding period. The middle is where you have to stay focused and push yourself.

Good Luck,

Hunter Morgan

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