Walk With The Mexican Walking Fish

Anna Ryan/Period 8

Mexican Walking Fish?

The axolotl or the "Mexican Walking Fish" is classified as a critically endangers species. The axolotl, found in Lake Xochimilco and Lake Chalco (which no longer exists) in central Mexico, is NOT a fish! It is an amphibian! Axolotl reach adulthood without undergoing any metamorphosis. Their heads are wide, and their eyes are lidless. Males are defined by their swollen cloacae, while females are defined by their wider bodies. Although the exact population number is unknown, the population has dropped from roughly 1,500 per square mile in 1998 and 25 per square mile in 2008.

What Happened?!

The axolotl is critically endangered due to habitat destruction! Lakes were drained and waste pollutes the Mexico City waterways. The Asian Carp and the African tilapia also helped in the axolotl's endangerment. They eat the young axolotl before they have a chance to mate and reproduce. They haven't evolved in the same environment, so they have developed no defense system against predators.

How Can You Help?

Mexico can build a filtering system for the waterways but you can control what goes into those waterways. Instead of littering, throw your trash in the garbage and recycle. If there is no waste disposal near by, save your trash until you find a trash can with a lid. Also, people can create an artificial habitat and help the species grow again. Mexico can also increase the fishing of Asian Carp.

Why Isn't Anyone Doing Anything?!

Well... some people are just lazy. It's easier to litter rather than hold on to your trash to throw it away. Instead of holding on to it for possibly an hour, you'd rather just stick it under a plant or bench or just to "accidentally" forget it. One other challenge is money. Creating an artificial habitat is very expensive. Whoever wishes to create one is going to need many donations and not everyone will wish to donate. Other people simply don't care because it doesn't affect them directly.