LV Tech Class

By: Hannah

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck was one of my favorite units! Here are three facts about it:

1. It is a mobile app and a website.

2. I like it because it is a simple presentation software.

3. The creators provide you with pictures to put in you presentation so you don't have to site your image sources.

Typing Web

Almost every day we do a five minute warm up on this site. Here are three facts about Typing Web:

1. There are three levels of typing, beginning, Intermediate, and expert.

2. You can upgrade your account on it and unlock premium lessons.

3. It is fun to change the look of the web screen by going to the skins tab.


one of my favorite units! Here are three facts about it:

1. It is an app for, ipads, ipods, and iphones.

2. There are two modes Trailer mode and Movie mode.

3. The app is free to get on the app store.

More Tech Units

Hour of Code

Hour of Code is a coding website that is helpful when you are learning code. Three facts about the website:

1. You play coding games that help you learn code.

2. It doesn't use actual code it uses something called coding blocks.

3. In the unit you could go into any coding game that was on Hour of Code.

Explain Everything

We presented a math problem using this app. Three facts about it are:

1. It allows you to post videos in your presentation.

2. You can choose a variety of templates for it.

3. It takes up a lot of storage to make one.

Email Etiquette

this unit was simple, you just had to write a formal email. Here are three facts about it:

1. First, you chose a topic for the email.

2. Then, you had a partner proofread your email.

3. Last, the teacher read your email and gave you a grade based on the quality of it.

Career Locker

This unit was about careers, and browsing different careers and colleges on their site. Here are some facts about this unit:

1. There is a fifth grade version and a sixth grade version.

2. They list all of the national colleges and how much they cost to enroll in.

3. My favorite career was an animal trainer.