Genghis Khan

By Sophie

Details about Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan was born in 1162 according to The Secret History. His birth name was Temüjin. He was named by his father. His father was poisoned by the Tartars when Genghis Khan was only nine. He became blood brothers with a boy called Jamukha at the age of eleven. Genghis Khan killed his older brother Beghter, because Beghter was taking credit for everything good that Genghis Khan was doing. When he was sixteen, Genghis Khan got married to a woman called Borte. His empire grew and grew and he kept conquering more and more countries. Before he died he conquered almost all of Europe and Asia. Genghis Khan died at the age of sixty five on August eighteenth, 1227. After Genghis Khan died, his adopted son started writing The Secret History. His empire kept growing because of everyone that was included in his empire.
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Unanswered Questions about Genghis Khan

  • How old was Genghis Khan when he killed his brother Beghter?
  • Is khan a Mongolian word?
  • How long did it take for Genghis Khan's empire to double after his death?
  • Were there any slaves in his time?

Rules of Genghis Khan's Time in Mongolia

Mongols learn to ride horses at a very young age. On the steppe, if a man wanted something, he took it. In Mongolia, breaking loyalty was one of the worst crimes. Boiling someone was the worst punishment of Genghis Khan's time in Mongolia.
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Change Over Time of Genghis Khan

At the age nine, Genghis Khan and his family were left behind by his clan. In his teens, many people began to see him as a leader. At the age of sixteen, he had many powerful allies. In 1206, He became the leader of all Mongols.
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The Big Ideas of Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan didn't care what religion you were and he wanted to unite all Mongol tribes. He valued people based on skills, merit, and trust. He was a national hero to many people because of the way he treated people. Others thought he was a barbarian because of how many people he killed.

Language of the Disciplines for Genghis Khan and Mongolia

Khan means leader. Andas means blood brother. Alliance means people who join together as a force. Gurkhan means chief of khans.


The Tartars thought that Genghis Khan's father was an enemy so they poisoned him. As Temüjin was nice and Jamukha was rude, people fled to Genghis Khan. Because of Beijing, Genghis Khan's ruthless barbarian reputation grew. It is said that two in two hundred people today are related to Genghis Khan.

The Patterns in Genghis Khan's Life

Genghis Khan attacked large cities many times. People in his time were always stealing wives. He and his empire would go out, find large cities or people to take over, conquer, then adapt.