Volume 11: February 22, 2016


  • Turn in a wallet senior picture to Kami for the composite frame ASAP.
  • You can NOW complete your FAFSA for the Fall 2016 academic year at The Missouri deadline to complete it is April 1. Be sure to look at the colleges you applied to-they may have different deadlines!
  • The deadline to register for the April 9th ACT is March 4th. You are able to take it at Princeton. The easiest way to register is
  • On Thursday, March 10 from 6-8pm Mrs. Ussery & Dr. Henke will be hosting another Financial Aid & Graduation Prep Night. A representative from NCMC’s Financial Aid Office will do a short presentation on how to complete the FAFSA. We will be available to answer questions about the FAFSA and scholarships as well as general questions about graduation requirements and applying to colleges/tech schools/jobs. Computers will be available to complete FAFSA on site. Please share this date with your parents! You will receive a flyer for it next week.
  • On April 19th from 8:30am-12:30pm the senior class will be participating in CPR training. This is a graduation requirement so if you have work start or vo-tech, you will be required to come/stay that day. If you are already certified, please bring your certification to Dr. Henke for verification and you will be excused from the training that day.


  • The H.S. Counselor tab on the Princeton School website ( is a great resource for important dates, forms, testing information, mental health resources, etc.
  • You can NOW schedule your second semester Senior Meeting with Dr. Henke. This is a chance to talk about college/job applications, scholarships, etc. Remember, this is a graduation requirement.


  • March 1: Missouri Mutual Insurance Company Applicants must be attending a college in Missouri and could be awarded $1000 if selected.
  • March 1: Local GRM Network Scholarships Applicants must be a GRM customer, US citizen, planning to attend two-year or four-year college, university or vocational-technical school, have at least a 2.0 GPA , complete application and essay. One application qualifies you for 6 different scholarships worth $750-1,500. Application link:
  • March 15: MFA Foundation Scholarship Applicants must be planning to attend college and complete application to demonstrate academic success, citizenship, activities, college plans and financial need. Interest in ag or other field that “contributes to rural life." Award amount is $2000. Local agency is "MFA Oil Princeton, MO Tony Johnson."
  • March 15: Charles E. Kruse Scholarship Applicant's parents must be Missouri Farm Bureau members. Must be majoring in agriculture at a 4-year Missouri college. Award is $1000.
  • March 15: North Missouri Mutual Insurance Scholarship Applicants do NOT have to be members, Must have 2.5 GPA and plan to attend Missouri school (2, 4, or tech). Award is $250.
  • March 31: Missouri Farm Bureau Vocational Scholarship Applicant's parents must be Missouri Farm Bureau members. Must be pursuing 2-year degree or certification in agriculture-related field (heavy equipment, welding, diesel repair, etc.). Award is $500.
  • March 31: Farmers Bank of Northern Missouri Scholarship Applicants will be evaluated on academic achievement, community service and leadership, and school activities and can be entering college or military. Award amount is $500 upon completion of first semester/basic training.
  • April 1: Patrick McBroom Memorial Scholarship This scholarship is in memory of the Gallatin student who died of cancer last year. His family has generously pledged a scholarship to a PHS senior because of the support our community gave Patrick and his family. I WOULD LIKE EVERY SENIOR TO APPLY FOR THIS! Applicants must complete application and essays. Award amount: $250.
  • April 1: Mercer County Farm Bureau Scholarship Do not need to be MFB members. Must complete application. Award amount: $200.
  • April 1: Smithfield Hog Production Missouri Family Scholarship Parent must be full-time or student must be full/part-time Smithfield employee. Complete application. There will be 2 $2500 scholarships awarded.
  • April 1: Smithfield Hog Production Missouri Community Scholarship Student or parent do NOT have to be Smithfield employee, Can apply for both scholarships if you qualify. Two $500 scholarships will be awarded.
  • April 1: Missouri 4-H Foundation Scholarships Student must have 3.0 GPA and be a 4H member. Award amount varies (one application allows application to several scholarships.
  • April 1: Betty Thogmartin Memorial Nursing Scholarship Write essay on why you want to be a nurse. Award amount is $300.
  • April 15: Frank Buchtel Memorial Rotary Scholarship Complete application. The

    award amount varies on number of applicants, but likely $500 (2).

  • April 15: Princeton R-V Education Foundation Scholarship Complete application. Award amount is $250.
  • April 15: Mike Henke Agriculture Scholarship Student must be pursuing career in ag (can be going to college/tech school or into work force). Complete application and essay. Award amount is $500.
  • April 15: Live to Learn, Learn to Live Scholarship Student must be pursuing degree in education. Complete application including an essay about why you want to be a teacher. Award is up to $500.
  • April 22: Russ & Elna Derry Award Applicants must have 19 ACT or top 30% of class or GPA over 3.25, attending Missouri (or approved out of state college) college majoring in athletics or agriculture, and demonstrate financial need. Award amount is $750.

SIX SHOULDS: The 6 things you should know about Miki Purvis and probably don't..

  1. My favorite color is teal.
  2. My dream vacation would be anywhere that has an ocean.
  3. I am pre-diabetic so I can't eat much sugar! (Sometimes I cheat!)
  4. I work at Pearl's now.
  5. I plan to attend NCMC for nursing in the fall.
  6. I am going to South Carolina in April to see my brother graduate from the National Guard.

Feel free to forward Senior Shout-Out to parents & guardians!