Classroom Connection


Important Dates

12/2- 1/2 Day PD (at school)

12/5-9- Common Assessments

12/6- Progress Reports, Letterland Support 3:30 (2nd)

12/7- Spirit, Hospitality, MTSS

12/8- 2nd grade field trip

12/13- Data Meetings

12/14- Go Green, Safety

12/15- BT meeting 3:30

12/16- 1st grade field trip

12/20- SIT, AR/Santa 6-7

12/22- 1/2 day Christmas sing-a-long

12/23-1/3- Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

*If you have any important dates specific to your grade level that you would like me to include just send them to me.


Why is math taught differently today?

The video below helps explain why math is taught differently today. It provides great information that you can share with your parents, or as a parent yourself may find useful.

Why is Math different now? by Dr. Raj Shah

Teacher Feature

Beth Tippett and Coach Barfield are our featured teachers for December. CONGRATULATIONS!

*Beth Tippett works hard to create lessons and activities that help students develop 21st century skills. Her students use Canvas daily. They have created voicethreads and used Glogster to create virtual posters. In addition to teaching 5th grade ELA, she provides technology instruction for 3rd grade and AIG instruction in grades K-2. She is definitely a jack of all trades.

*Coach Barfield is bringing higher level thinking and global awareness to the gym. In a recent lesson students compared and contrasted American football to football in other countries in their writing journals. Coach understands the importance of teamwork as we strive to increase higher level thinking and improve student writing.

Model/ Co-teaching Request Form

If you would like me to come in and assist during a lesson just complete the form or send me an email.