By: Meg Cabot

The Haunted tale of Susannah Simon

Do you believe in Ghosts? Well this girl Susannah Simon does more then believing in Ghost she talks to them! This story is about a 16 year old girl that helps ghosts pass on to another world which could be another mediator or even Heaven. This story takes place in her home, and school mostly. She ends up seeing her arch enemy and possibly ends up kissing him. Susannah has "boyfriend" who really isn't her boyfriend because it isn't physically possible since he's a ghost that tried to pass through but just never left so then she ending up falling in love with him. At Susannah's school she has this teacher named Father Dominic and he can also see and talk to ghosts and she talks to him a lot about the problems that she is having with helping the pass through and Jesse because he's kind of hard to deal with. For Example later on the book she has this situation with a ghost that follows around his brother because his brother should have been dead and not him and thats really hard for him to forget so in return he's trying to kill his brother so that he is dead to. If you want to know more about what she does with being a mediator you will just have to read the book((:

The Genre & Theme???

  • The Genre of this book is Fiction
  • The Theme is more about helping people and seeing what they have to finish before passing through.

Interesting and Funny Facts About the Author: Meg Cabot

  • she's left handed
  • She was bullied in school and when she grew up and started writing books she wrote about how much she disliked those kids.
  • she thinks her cat is deaf
  • She got married in Italy

Which Character Plays An Important Role in the Overall Theme???

Susannah is the main character that shows the overall theme. She is the MAIN character that helps all the ghosts that come through where she is either in her home or at school or could even happen at the store!

What I Enjoyed About this book

I'm really into ghost stories and scary movies so when i found out that this story was about ghost's, i was hoping that i was really going to like this book. Which in my case it was a really good book even though i started in the middle of series, which for the record i didn't know! But i would recommend this book for people that like scary movies or even ghosts.

Did i notice reoccuring symbol?

I think the only reoccurring symbol that i saw was jus the fact that she kept seeing ghosts and that she was the only one that was really willing to help all of the other ghosts. And that she was absolutely obsessed with Jesse.