I Am Me

By: Za'Nazia Wilson

I Love Picasso

Pablo Picasso is one of the best artists that every lived. He was very different from Many artists. He mastered abstract paintings, and they are the best.

Usain is Insane

Usain Bolt is the fastest man on the planet. He can run the 100 meter dash in 9 sec. He is probably faster than the speed of light. Anyways he is the very best

I Love Lamborghinis

Lamborghinis are the nicest cars on this earth. They are super fast, and look better than most cars. I think they look super futuristic and it does not look like a common car.I feel like they are cars from space and it only makes them look better on the street. They are not the most expensive, but they almost are.

I Love Tigers

I think tigers are the prettiest animals ever. They are exotic, and dangerous. They are very fierce and not quite the king of the jungle, but they almost are.

I Love Volleyball

It is one of the most competitive sports there are, volleyball. Girls can become very petty when they're playing volleyball. It takes a lot to win if you're playing against someone good. But it is still my favorite sport