Never Turn Your Back

By Valeria Pastor

Today, I leave to the unknown lands. I do not know what I will find or what I will learn.

My name is James the explorer living in the Renaissance. I explore unknown lands for kings and queens. I have found Australia, New Zealand, and a place called Wonderland. That is what I will be talking about Wonderland:

I can feel the gentle breeze of summer on my ship. The sea is calm, a great day to discover a new place. We wonder near New Zealand, what I just discovered. Suddenly I can hear the wind getting louder and louder and louder until I see three tornados swirling around. The captain starts shouting.

All I remember was seeing those tornados. But I can see I am not on my ship anymore. I am on land. Some people must have survived if I survived. So I start looking around but there is no one. I give up looking.

I start looking for life, someone who can help me. Then I find a white rabbit. I chase it for food but in the end this rabbit leads me to a castle in the middle of plants, trees and wildlife. I go inside to find guards, and a lady dressed in a white dress with a blue necklace, and earrings. She says in a normal voice:

"I have been expecting you. I am Emma the Queen of Wonderland. Pearl my rabbit told me you were wondering around. What do you want from us?" Then I thought 'Wonderland'?

"My Lady, I do not wish anything from Wonderland. Me and my crew were just looking at what this place was since it was unknown lands to the outsiders. I was wondering if you saw my crew any where?"

"I have not, but you may stay with us for three days to find your crew. If you do or do not find them, either way you will leave Wonderland in three days time."

"Thank you any way"

So, I go to see my room in the castle. It is a small room with a bed and a desk. Then I feel as if something or someone is watching me. I turn around and the door is closed, no one is inside but me. Then my torch suddenly turns on and every object in my room starts dancing! I watch them. The fork and the spoon start dancing, the flames are swirling in the air. All madness every where.

I decide after an hour of watching these objects to search for my crew. But instead I find a table filled with tea cups, sugar and tea. A person with reddish orange hair and a hat comes to me. He tells me he is the Mad Hatter. I ask him if he has seen my crew. he hasn't. Apparently no one in this country has seen my crew! I guess I'll never see them again.

I return to the castle to the smell of delicious bread and food. I drink tea and eat berries. Then I wonder into the gardens where I met Emma. The next day I search one last time for my crew before I leave on the ship they gave me. I go to where I woke up a week ago and find them there! I was so happy to see them! i screamed and shouted of happiness. An hour later we set sail for New Zealand to share what we learned.