Stealing Money Out Of The Register

By Kenji Hill


Dajane Was Working At The Cash register at Mc Donald's . I Ordered My Food And It Came Up To $6. 37 I Gave Her at 20 Dollar Bill And She Gave Me A $1 Dollar Bill Back.

Decision Making Process

What IS The Ethical Dilema ?

stealing Money Out The Register.

What Are The Facts Of The Situation?

  • She Supposed To gave The correct Change.
  • She will Be Fired By A Maneger

What Are The Arteritives?

  • The Customer Couldve Went To A Different Mcdonlad's.
  • Or She Could've gave The Correct Change To avoid Being Fired.

What Would You Do?

  • if I Was The Manager i would Fire The Employee.
  • If I Was The Customer i Would Never Go back To That Same Mcdonalds

Why Do You Thank Thats The Best Desion ?

  • Because No Company Wants A Thief As An Employee.