Hell No! I Ain't Gonna Go!

By: Matthew Jones, Vietnam protest song. By: Cassi Waymire

Message Of The Song

Jones song is all about how he will not fight in that war, that he doesn't think he should have too. That he refuses to burn his brothers to save a man. People shouldn't be forced into the war.

Mood Of the Song

The mood from this song is angry, violent, and strong. You really feel like he's standing up for you and everyone else who doesn't have a voice, making a difference. "Up tight! That’s right! I ain’t gonna go! Hell no! I ain’t goin’ to Vietnam" lyrics from the song.

Intended Audience

With this being a protest song Jones probably wanted everyone to hear it, but it was mainly aimed towards the government and the people who think that there isn't an excuse as to why you aren't serving for your country.

Why Was This Song Wrote?

Jones wrote this song to show people it's okay to stand up for what you believe in, even if people don't agree with you. Stand alone if you must but never be unhappy.
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Why This Song?

I chose this song because I'm a lot like Matthew Jones, I'll put my 2 cents in every time and let you know how I feel about certain things, and I won't do anything I won't get any enjoyment out of.