Guidance Dept Newsletter - LFMS

2016-17 Edition 6 - Spring Newsletter

Student of the Month Focus

Our Student of the Month awards focus on three qualities - Academic Excellence, Outstanding Effort, and a Leadership focus in the area of our monthly PRIDE theme. Teachers and staff will be looking for students who portray excellence in one of these areas. Students of the Month will be recognised during PRIDE time. The 4th Quarter Leadership expectations are as follows:


Pride Expectation: Dependability

Dependability is defined as the quality of being able to be counted on or relied upon. For example, when you always do everything that you say you will and don't make promises you can't keep shows an example of dependability.

Theme: The focus this month is Being a Dependable Friend. Spring is here. We begin to see the flowers blossom, leaves filling in on the trees and longer hours of daylight. These opportunities for new beginnings come along because the plants and trees have strong roots that sustained the winter. A dependable friend is a friend you can count on - to be strong during the ups and downs and someone that can be counted on to remain steadfast and strong like the roots of the trees and the bulbs of spring flowers. The challenge for students this month is to show someone you are close to that you are someone they can depend on. If you've let someone down, attempt to rebuild the trust you once shared. Keep promises, be honest and faithful, take time to listen and don't insist on doing everything your way.


Pride Expectation: Engaged

Engaged means to commit oneself to do something; to concentrate on a task and be actively involved with interest.

Theme: This month's focus is Engaged Until the End. It is often easy to become complacent during the final stretch of any endeavour. Students have heard of 'senioritis' but senioritis isn't just for seniors. Senioritis is just an affliction of boredom, stress and anticipation for the year to end and allowing yourself to become disengaged in the activities surrounding school life. What happens if you allow yourself to slack off and become disengaged? The closer to the end of the year, the harder it becomes to work hard toward your goals. Becoming disengaged often leads to lower grades and can determine your class placements for the following year. The challenge this month is to push yourself to stay engaged in your classes and finish the year strong. Be proactive and seek help from teachers or peers when you notice yourself beginning to lose interest or slack off. Set daily goals for yourself and reward yourself if you meet them.

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13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why is a both a novel and Netflix series that teens and young adults are watching and reading about Teen Suicide. Use the links below to find out more about the book and Netflix series. Talking openly about emotional distress with a trusted or dependable friend, counselor or family member is okay. If you know someone who may may be considering suicide don't belittle their feelings - be a dependable friend and ask for help. Tell a school counselor or trusted adult or call a suicide hotline. See resources listed below.

Beyond the Reasons

This short documentary is worthwhile to watch prior to delving into the actual series of 13 Reasons Why. It discusses the intent of the series and the messages it is meant to instill in viewers. Use the link here to watch this 30 minute documentary.
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Suicide Hotline Resources

Youth Suicide Prevention Program: 800-273-TALK (8255) or

Text "START" to 741741-2433

National Suicide Hotline: 800-784-2433

Teens Helping Teens 310-855-4673

California Teen Crisis Line: 800-843-5200

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Surviving the 4th Quarter Blues

The articles linked below in The Talon and the Engage Blog share tips on how you can stay engaged until the end and avoid succumbing to the End of Year Blues. The Tips for Students: Staying Engaged in the Classroom is written to college students but it really applies to any student regardless of grade level. Following these tips will help you stay engaged until the end!

How Can I Get Engaged? Enter the PBIS Video Competition!

One way to get engaged this quarter is to participate in the Las Flores PBIS Team's Video Competition. For more information check with Mrs. Goddard or Mrs. Miller in the office. An informational meeting was held before spring break but another informational meeting shall be held in J208 on Tuesday, April 18th during PRIDE. All entries must be pre-approved and final submissions are due by May 5th.
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Small Groups and Workshops

All Workshops are held in the Counseling Center - J208 unless otherwise noted.

Thursday, April 27th 2:00 - 2:30 Session 1 and 2:45-3:15 Session 2 - All About My Future

This is 30 minute Career Exploration Workshop for 7th graders to explore career interests and what the requirements may be to reach these career goal interests.

Wednesday - May 10th 8:30-9:30 - Testing Taking Skills and Strategies - The guidance team will offer an activity based workshop with Test Taking Tips offered through a fun Bingo activity. Handouts for ways to relieve test anxiety will also be available.

Thursdays During PRIDE - Mindful Moment Room - Dance Studio

Tuesdays/Thursdays - During Lunch/PRIDE - Homework Club and Peer Tutoring Services

Current Small Groups:

  • Stress Busters - J107
  • Healing Hearts - J107

Small Groups Starting Soon -

  • High School 101 - This four week group will focus on information students need to know to help them be successful in high school. We will be going over transcripts, high school graduation vs. A-G requirements, high school athletics and NCAA requirements, career interest survey, college & career exploration & more!

Second Step Classroom Guidance Lessons

Mrs. Goddard, School Counselor will also be conducting quarterly classroom guidance lessons to all grade levels during the school year. This quarter's lesson for 6th graders focuses on Calming Down Strategies_ which will help students learn how strong emotions affect both their brain and body. The 7th grade lesson will be on Understanding Anger and 8th grader lesson is on Descalating a Tense Situation.

Quicklink Resources

Guidance Webpage Information and/or links on the Academic Domain such as study skills, test taking, tutoring resources, and useful links for help with English writing and Math skills

Counselors Corner Resource Personal-Social Domain including stress management, conflict mediation, grief, and social skills

College and Career Guidance Information about high school graduation requirements, college admissions, and career choices.

Students Helping Students (SHS) This peer tutoring program matches students with a peer tutor for weekly tutor sessions before or after school or during lunch.

Mrs. Teri Graffeo - Academic Advisor Q-Z

Ms. Graffeo splits her responsibilities with Ladera Ranch MS. She will be available on site at Las Flores MS on Tuesdays and Fridays. You may also reach her via email.

Ms. Kristin Larsen - School Counselor Intern

Ms. Larsen is a graduate counselling student at Cal State University Long Beach and is completing her internship with Las Flores Middle School. She is available Thursdays and Fridays.

Ms. Brittney Pacini - School Counseling Graduate Practicum Student

Ms. Pacini is a graduate counselling student at Chapman University and is completing her Practicum hours with Las Flores Middle School. She is available Mondays and Tuesdays.

Mrs. Sonia Eatmon - School Psychologist

Mrs. Angela Danna - Registrar, Guidance Secretary

Non-Discrimination Statement

The Board of Trustees desires to provide a safe school environment that allows all students equal access and opportunities in the district’s academic and other educational support programs, services, and activities. The Board prohibits, at any District school or school activity, unlawful discrimination, including discriminatory harassment, intimidation, and bullying of any student based on the student’s actual or perceived race, color, ancestry, national origin, nationality, ethnicity, ethnic group identification, age, religion, marital or parental status, pregnancy, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or gender expression or association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics.