Ecosystems Y4

Year 4 Resources on Ecosystems from Bradbury Library

PYP: Ecosystems

Ecosystems can be changed by a variety of factors.

*The components of an ecosystem
*Interdependence (connection) and adaptations in ecosystems (change)
*Impacts on ecosystems (change and connection)

Key Concepts: Change, Connection, Responsibility
R/C: adaptation, systems, biodiversity

Videos that could be useful:

Ecosystem Videos:

Ecology Introduction

Ecology Introduction

What is an ecosystem?

Tell me why – environment & ecosystems:

Mangroves HKWPk Posters:

What is an Ecosystem?

Ecosystem: What is it?

What Is An Ecosystem

Ecosystem Song

Ecosystems Song

How Ecosystems Change Over Time: 2 Videos:

Ecosystem Change
How Do Ecosystems Change Over Time?

Coral Reefs Disappearing:

Coral Reef Ecosystems Disappearing
Saving Songbirds in the Smokies

Habitat/Ecosystem Destruction Videos:

habitat destruction
Habitat Destruction

Pink Dolphin Video

Taiwan's critically endangered pink dolphins in 2010

Ecosystems: how they interact with biotic and abiotic factors:


The World Without Fish

Author Mark Kurlansky and his daughter Talia on their New England Aquarium lecture

Mangrove Video Resources:

Managing Our Mangroves

Mangrove Rehabilitation Projects

Mangrove Rehabilitation Project in Shrimp Ponds, Krabi, Thailand

Forest China/Mangroves in the Sea Documentary:

[Documentary 720HD] Forest China / Mangroves in the Sea 1/4
[Documentary 720HD] Forest China / Mangroves in the Sea 2/4
[Documentary 720HD] Forest China / Mangroves in the Sea 3/4
[Documentary 720HD] Forest China / Mangroves in the Sea 4/4

Mai Po Marshes

Mai Po Marshes, Hong Kong
Mai Po Nature Reserve - Hong Kong

Mangrove Lecture

Mangrove Lecture

Homework Link:

Mrs. Alvarez's other resource creation

Sharing the Planet for 3rd grade:

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