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Lectionary-Based Playlist /Issue 30/October 25, 2020

"You shall love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the greatest and the first commandment. The second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself."

The First Commandment is highlighted this week, along with the great commandment: LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF. This is a time for us to consider Respect for Human Dignity; often an issue in today's world. Below is a menu of options for you to explore how to better love God, yourself, and your neighbor. We hope you have a good week learning more about this important topic with your family!



Family Stories:

  • Maybe I can Love My Neighbor Too by Jennifer Grant
  • Colorfull: Celebrating the Colors God Gave Us! by Dorena Williamson
  • The Can Man by Laura E. Williams
  • Malala: My Story of Standing Up for Girls' Rights by Malala by Malala Yousafzi

Parent Article: Click on the links below to learn more and about and read the U.S. Bishops' Pastoral Letter against racism: "Open Wide Our Hearts"

For Teens: Explore these two interactive websites to better understand the topic of RACE:


  • Write a short story that tells of a way one neighbor showed love and compassion to another
  • List all the human rights you think we have or should have; do you think there are people in the world who don't enjoy these same rights? Have a family conversation about it!
  • Be a force of change. Do you see an injustice in the world where our neighbors aren't loved? Write a family letter to your local politician asking for change.
  • October is RESPECT LIFE MONTH. Use the worksheet below to guide you in coming up with ways you can honor human dignity by respecting ALL life


Does your child understand EMPATHY? Follow the link below for the 3 minute listen from NPR.



Choose one of these videos to watch and have a conversation about what you see and hear!
Section 3: Defending a Friend's Dignity
Human Dignity in Catholic Tradition
The Truth About You


Use these free apps to help your children learn more about the world; find them in your app store:



  • Would the world be a better place if we followed Jesus' Great Commandment?
  • What are some good ways to show ourselves love and care?
  • What could we do this week, differently, to show we really care about others?
  • How does God feel when people are mistreated in this world?


COMMON GOOD: The sum of social conditions that allow people, either as a group or as individuals to reach their fulfillment more fully and more easily. When we care about the Common Good, we love our neighbor.

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