T4EA Online Education Today

T4EA's Online Distance Education

Treaty 4 Education Alliance now has distance education learning options for our students. In collaboration with our schools, courses offered by the Alliance are delivered online using the Moodle learning management system. This delivery model offer greater flexibility and additional resources to accommodate and the various needs of our schools. In general, the classroom teachers retain their educational role in the course, and the online platform serves as a learning supplement with a focus on Inquiry and land based learning. Additionally, students have full access to a course specialist through the use of synchronous web conferences. This specialist acts as an external coach and provides teachers and students with the flexibility and support required to complete their online course(s).

Courses Available

Science 10
Environmental Science 20

Courses in Development

Physical Science 20
Health Science 20
First Nations Language

Future Courses To Be Developed

Biology 30
Chemistry 30