Windows Narrator

Making Technology More Accessible to Everyone

What does Ease of Access do?

Window's Ease of Access area makes using technology easier for everyone. With tools like Narrator, Magnifier, On Screen Keyboard and more, technology users can customize their settings to make Windows and other applications easier to use. The Ease of Access settings can provide an equalizer in an educational enviornment for students who could benefit from these tools.

The Narrator on Windows 7 is a great tool for students who struggle with vision impairments or with comprehension difficulties. Students can use Narrator to read the material on the monitor to reinforce what they are reading or to read to them. This tool can help students to use programs and applications which may have been impossible to successfully use before simply because they could not see the material clearly. Paired with the Ease of Access tool, Speech to Recognition, students who struggled using technology before for a variety of reasons can find success.

Windows 7 Narrator Tutorial

The Narrator feature on Windows can be applied to start up at log in which is very convenient for students to avoid activating the feature each time. Right click on the icon in the taskbar and select exit to simply deactivate the tool.