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Accelerated Reader Update

This month's Accelerated Reader Incentive was earning 20 points from October 1-October 29. The following have achieved this goal and are to come to the Media Center to choose a prize from the prize bin if they haven't done so already!

Kelly Easton---Jackie Miller---Bella Storey---Eric Berrios

Maria Alamo---Chris Guess---Jordan Bowen---Brianna Delhaye

Heather Mitol---Hannah Newton---Camden Custin---Breanna Brock

Valarie Savage---Melton Hurley---Anjil Vazquez---Elicia Winkler

Intel Pintakaew---QuintonBranford

Great job everyone!!!

November/December Incentive


The holidays are right around the corner, sooooo why not try to earn some extra spending money by reading! Any student that reads a book within his/her reading level, takes a quiz and passes it, fills out a reading log properly and turns it in to Mrs. Barkauskas will get their name entered into a raffle for a cash prize. There is NO limit to the number of times your name can be entered to win.


The purpose of the Young Hoosier Book Award Program is to stimulate recreational reading among elementary and middle school/junior high school children and to encourage cooperation between administrators, school media specialists, teachers, public libraries, and the community in providing reading experiences for Indiana school children.

Student participation in pleasure reading was the thrust behind the creation of Young Hoosier Book Award (YHBA) Program in 1974-75. By allowing students to vote for their favorite books, media professionals hoped that more students could be motivated to read more newly published books.

Check out the winners below then come check them out in your media center!!

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Anyone Interested??

If any junior high or high school student is interested in joining a book club that would be hosted once a month in the Media Center (time to be determined,) please come to the Media Center and sign your name on the "interest" sheet. We would start meeting next semester. Hope you consider joining as it will be fun and informative:)