Radez Library Summer Reading

contact me with any questions gagnonl(at)crcsd.org

"Imagine Your Story" is the theme for the NYS Summer Reading Program

The Community Library's Summer Reading program has free programs and activities for everyone from birth-adult. "Imagine Your Story" is the summer reading theme for 2020

Participants will Sign Up through an on-line program called "READsquared."

READsquared offers activities and games for all ages including adults in addition

to providing a log where the reading hours will be recorded. The website is

https://communitylibraryny11.readsquared.com. Adults are eligible to sign up

for this program as well and you will receive a certificate through READsquared

for your accomplishments!

They will be having online activities such as special story times, educational

activities, and craft ideas to “take and make.” The staff is looking forward to

the time when we can welcome patrons inside the library again, too.

See our Library website for more information