By: Taylor School Hour 3

"Oceanography is a terrific career because gradually we seem to be coming around to realize that we had better become as acquainted with the seventy percent of our planet that is covered by water as we are with the dark side of the moon." ~Peter Benchley

Basic Information

  • Study oceans and seas
  • Oceanography is broken up into 5 different areas: Physical, Chemical, Geological, Biological, and Marine
  • They study the animals and plants that live in the oceans
  • They study the sea floors and coastlines
  • They study the interactions between the sea, and the air above
  • They may study samples from the ocean floor to learn about how it moves and the effect of movement on the coastlines
  • They take ocean water samples to find out about the amount of food and quality of food for underwater animals
  • They examine the amount of animal, mineral and vegetable matter that collect on the ocean floor
  • Examine underwater creatures and put them in similar groupings
  • They send there discoveries to help people studying Weather forecasting, National defense, fishery Improvement, and ocean mining.

Pros and Cons of Oceanography

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Succeeding in Oceanography

When trying to peruse a career in oceanography there are ethnics you can do to prepare for it, starting with the classes you take in high school. Although there are many variations of science classes offered the most helpful one for oceanography is going to be Biology. Biology will be beneficial because that is the study of living things, and as an oceanographer you will be study and helping the living things of the oceans. It will also be helpful to take a math class in high school like calculus, because not only is it important to understand the living things you need a strong math foundation when working with formulas and things like that. As far as things you can do in college that will increase your chances of getting hired are by getting a masters degree in oceanography. Although you are only required a bachelors degree, it will help lots to have a masters degree. The competition for oceanography is very strong so employers tend to look at people with masters degrees before looking at those with the bachelors degree.


University of Miami

Address- 1320 S. Dixie Hwy, Coral Gables, Florida, 33124

Web Address- http://welcome.miami.edu

Pros of University of Miami-

  • In commuting distance of a large city so finding an apartment wouldn't be hard
  • Have a women's volleyball team
  • They have a variety of bands there (Pep and concert bands) so I would be able to continue to play my instrument throughout college

Cons of University of Miami-

  • It's in a different state so I would have to move a good distance away from my family
  • It's an expensive college so I would defiantly need some student loans and scholarships
  • They focus a lot on performing arts there, so finding and choosing science classes to help me with an oceanography degree could be a problem.

Hawaii Pacific University

Address- 1164 Bishop St, Honolulu, Hawaii, 96813

Web Address- http://www.hpu.edu

Pros of Hawaii Pacific University-

  • It is located in Hawaii witch has a nice and warm climate, wouldn't wake up to snowy weather and not want to get up in the morning
  • It is located In a big city, so if I need to find an apartment it wouldn't be a huge issue
  • The school has a pep band so I would be able to play my instrument

Cons of Hawaii Pacific University-

  • Located in a different state so I would have to move far away from family and friends
  • Only offers up to a bachelors degree in oceanography, and employers will tend to hire people with a masters degree
  • This is a private school so it does cost more, so I will have to apply for scholarships and student loans

University of Michigan- Ann Arbor

Address- 500 S State St, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 48109

Web Address- http://umich.edu

Pros of University of Michigan-

  • It is In driving distance with my family so I would be able to visit more often then I would be able to with any of the other schools
  • It's in Michigan so in the winter I would be able to go skiing and do fun things like that durning time off
  • I would be able to be a part of the University of Michigan Marching Band

Cons of University of Michigan-

  • I would have to deal with the snowy gloomy weather that makes you even more tired in the morning, so getting up and going on those winter mornings could be a challenge
  • Only offers a bachelors degree in oceanography, and employers tend to hire the masters degree people so I would have a slight disadvantage
  • It's located In a small town, so if I would need an apartment or something it could be a challenge to find

Associations/Professional Organizations for Oceanographer

The Oceanography Society-

Phone- (301) 251-7708

Email- info@tos.org

Website- http://tos.org/

The American Geosciences Institute-

Address- 4220 King Street, Alexandria, Virginia

Phone- (703) 379- 2480

Website- http://www.americangeosciences.org/contact

Job Advertisement

Calling all ocean and marine animal enthusiasts who wish to pursue a career in oceanography. As long as you are okay with possibly moving near an ocean or don't mind traveling this is the job for you. The normal salary for oceanographers here in WI is anywhere from $44,730- $112,630. You only need a bachelors degree but It will help you to spend the extra time and get a masters degree. Other than that you only need to be able to handle working near water and the challenged that come with it. Finally you need to be willing to share your findings with other scientists, studying in other fields.


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