Wendelin Van Draanen


The book is about this boy named Bryce Loski, who moves in next door to Juliana Baker. Juli almost instantly falls for him and then she starts raising chickens and everyday she brings a cartone for Bryce. He is afraid of getting salmonella poisoning so he throws them away. When Juli found out she was sad and would not talk to him. So he started to avoid her more and more. When it came to middle school he starts seing her in a different way. Juli still likes Bryce but not as much as she did in second grade, because of what happened.

Why you should read this book

Flipped is a good book that has you off your feet at points. It also is a romantic book and it has a lot of unexpected twists and turns.

I hope they had a good reason!!!

Why did he have to cut down the tree? It made Juli so happy and her dad was gonna come up there with her the next day. After they cut the tree down she just wasn't the same.