Ms. Mac's Memos

March 25th

Mission & Vision

Park Street Mission:

We Learn. We Grow. We Thrive.

Park Street Vision:

Our vision is to provide a collaborative foundation for successful learning and living through:

P- Positive Experiences

S- Supporting all students

E- Engaging with the community and creating

S- Students of excellence

Week at a Glance


  • Admin Zoom Meeting 1:00pm


  • PLC Zoom Meetings
  • Clerical Zoom Meeting 10:00am


  • Principal's Zoom Meeting 3:00pm


  • Admin Zoom meeting 11:00am
  • K/1 Principal's Zoom Phonics call 1:00pm
  • SILT (School Improvement Leadership Team) Zoom Meeting 2:30pm

Weekly Meeting Schedule

Admin Meetings: Mondays & Thursdays at 1pm

SILT Meetings: Thursdays at 2:30pm

Clerical Meetings: Tuesdays at 10:00am

PLC Meetings: Tuesdays

  • Kindergarten- 11:30am
  • 1st grade- 1:00pm
  • 2nd grade- 3:00pm
  • 3rd grade- 11:00am
  • 4th grade- 1:00pm
  • 5th grade- 2:30pm
  • ID teachers- 11:30am


Frequently Used Links

Announcements/ Tips & Tricks

If you have any announcements/ tips or tricks to share with the staff, please use the link below and I will add to the newsletter. We have seen some incredible videos and ideas and we would love to share your great work!

Materials and Supplies

If you are running low on teaching supplies and materials, please fill out the Google form below. We are working on developing a plan to ensure each teacher has the resources they need to teach digitally. Please fill out the form if there is something you need to effectively teach from home.

We will be placing an order for read aloud books for teachers.

Orders will be placed on Wednesday. Pick up will be Friday.

Staff Shout out Link

Here is the link to add a staff shout out:



Coaches' Corner

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Assistant Principals' Corner


Please remember to use this link to identify any students you are still unable to reach. Officer Hill and other MPD officers will be assisting us with well checks.

Please email Ashley if you have made contact with all families in your class. This will help her ensure all students are reached.



Padlet Daily Digital Bulletin Board

Today, post something that is a reminder of why you wanted to be an educator and share your story.

Here is the link to TODAY'S Padlet board:

You can also scan he QR code below.

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Scanning Documents Tip from Ms. Cobb

Ms. Cobb found a great resource to help with scanning documents on an iPhone or iPad.

Here is the link:

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Daily Schedule Example from Ms. Underwood and Ms. Smith

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Schoology from the Parent Perspective

We have heard some feedback from parents that posting activities in a weekly/daily format has been very helpful and easy to follow. Parents have said it is easier for them to locate the week and then find the day their child needs to complete.

Below are some pictures from Ms. Stalker's page of how she posts her lessons.

If you need assistance with this, feel free to reach out to the coaches.

Big picture
Big picture
Big picture

Staff Shout Outs... (please submit shout-outs by 3pm)

1. Admin

For working so hard and being so patient and calm through all of this!

2. Dr. Williams

For working so hard to call so many parents

3. Ms. Thompson

Always being willing to help & for calling many, many parents

4. Me. Rakestraw

We are all so glad you’re better!!

5. Abby Hatheway

Technology MVP !!! Thank you for all you do to make our jobs easier. You are always willing to step up and make sure our team has our ducks in a row! Thank you !

6. Lisa Cabrera

Thank you for reaching out to our Spanish speaking parents.

7. Miriam Thompson

Thank you for calling my hispanic parents to verify devices and technology.

8. Teachers

I have always admired your work ethic and dedication when it comes to teaching (in a classroom) but now even more I respect and appreciate you so much. Y'all are Rock Stars!! I'm so glad to be a part of this team :) Rebecka

9. Ashley

I am thankful for you connecting your friend with me that brings me food every Tuesday...todays chicken fried rice was AMAZING!! The girls eat Lima beans now!! Rebecka

10. Vonda

Thank you SO much amidst the chaos that last Friday of school to help UNBOX so many books I was preparing to purge! You helped make sure our kiddos had extra books to choose from in addition to what they checked out. I appreciate you!

11. Amanda Stalker

You have been a constant rock that never wavers or changes. You ability to help others during this time of quick adaptations has been amazing. Thank You!

12. L.Cabrera, M. Williams, M. Thompson & E.Martinez

Thank all of you ladies for using your time and energy to reach out to Spanish speaking parents and making sure the families and kids are well and asking what type of technology they possess.

13. Stephanie Vogt

Thank you for all your help last week!