Pierre Lescot

A Renaissance Architect

By: Lily Bromley

Roots Honors Block 1


  • Born in Paris, France around 1515
  • Spent most of his life in Paris but took a mission trip to Rome in 1556
  • His family provided him with an education in Liberal arts
  • Studies education and architecture
  • Had a natural talent for painting
  • Architect
  • ¨A theorist and a decorator¨
  • Helped to develop new classical concepts
  • Was a developed painter around the time when King Henry ll was in reign
  • Commissioned by Francis i to build the Louvre
  • He took measurements and figured out equations to make the whole process of building possible. He also used intricate detail in designing his works

A few of his finest works

Palace of the Louvre/Musée de Louvre

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The Cour Carrée part of the Louvre

  • Built between 1546-1555
  • Located in Paris, France
  • Built to house famous art work
  • Still houses some of the most famous pieces of art from all time and from all over the world
  • Pierre was commissioned to build it by Francis i
  • Pierre only built a small part of the Louvre today (Cour Carrée)
  • Pierre, like his other works, used the idea of Classicism to make the building both stable and safe with the use of symmetry and math, and visually appealing with the intricate detail.
  • Started as an old castle
  • I find this piece so interesting because the purpose of the building stayed the same from when it was originally built, to now. It was always meant to store famous art
  • There are figures decorated all along the exterior of the building. These figures represent idealism because they are there to add beauty to the outside of the building. They are simply there for decoration.
  • For further information about the Louvre visit



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