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Klein Online Information

Click HERE to access the family information site for Klein Online.

HERE is the ongoing Q&A for families.

Family Training and Support (District Resources)

Klein On Campus Blackshear Safety Measures

Click HERE for a one-page summary.

Accessing Digital Resources

All of our digital resources are accessible through the Klein ISD Student Dashboard found on StudentNet. Instructions for accessing and logging into the Dashboard are below.

  • Lexia Core5: Once signed into the Dashboard, Lexia Core5 is an automatic login. There is a video of a student logging into Lexia Core5 below.
  • ST Math: This resource will require an additional login due to the way it is configured. There is a video of a student logging into ST Math below. You may also access THIS DOCUMENT to help you get passed the additional sign-in screen.
  • Below is a picture showing the additional login required for ST Math from the Dashboard.
  • There are several other amazing resources available for our students on the Student Dashboard.
Logging into Lexia Core5
Big picture
Logging into ST Math
Log into ST Math on iPad
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How to save in ST Math
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Switching google accounts