The Not-So Light

The most revolutionary light bulb yet

Do you hate having really bright lights in your house. If so then The Not-So Light will be the ideal choice. This revolutionary light bulb is already spreading around the world with over 2 million users. One of those 2 million users is NBA star Steph Curry. He says " I personally hate bright lights and what better way to counter act that then to use The Not-So Light. Also it helps me become calm before my games!" The main reason why we have over 2 million consumers is because Do you know that group of really cool kids that you want to be in so bad. Well with The Not-So Light you will be able to be apart of the cool kid group. The Not-So Light is not just for celebrities but even the most ordinary people like you the reader can use The Not-So Light.

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Our shop is both family friendly and eco-friendly. We are a one of the leading supporters in cleaning up our Earth.