By: Abby and Zack

Time Period

  • The Akkadians existed about 2300 BCE at the junture of the Tigris and Euphrates river.
  • When fully developed, it came to be characterized by a profound new creativity that marks some of the peaks of artistic achievement in the history of the ancient world.

Geographic location

The Akkadians were located in the modern central Iraq. The capital of Iraq is Baghdad. They also enjoyed using the Tigris and Euphrates rivers for their water source.

Advanced Cities

  • The Akkadian Empire was the first large-scale empire to develop in Mesopotamia. The city of Akkad was the capital.
  • Created their own cites and the population kept on growing .

Social Structure

social stratification:

  • -First class are kings priest Palaces official
  • -second class are the free clients ( Dependent To !st class)
  • -Third class Commoner (Free Clients)
  • -Fourth Class are the Slaves (prisoners of War, Debtors Or Just Slaves)

Who lived there?

  • The akkadians


  • cupbearer
  • unpaid labor


  • The Akkadians adapted the Sumerian religion when conquering Sumer because Sargon the king highly respected the Sumerian god Enlil.
  • Akkadians were Semitic. Semitic people shared many of the same myths and legends.
  • Their major gods and goddesses were those responsible for creation, fertility, death, and the afterlife.


  • Political organization was inseparable from religion.
  • Government was a theocracy so a ruler who failed to perform his religious duties would have lost all power.
  • The Akkadian king ruled over independent city-states. Most conquered cities had civil and military administrations.
  • Akkadian troops were put into conquered cities to prevent riots or rebellions.

System of Writing

Akkadians language

  • Their system adapted from Sumerian cuneiform in about 2,350 BC.
  • -At the same time, many Sumerian words were borrowed into Akkadian, and Sumerian logograms were given both Sumerian and Akkadian readings.
  • - A large corpus of Akkadian texts and text fragments numbering hundreds of thousands has been excavated.
  • - They include mythology, legal and scientific texts, correspondence.


  • - Masters of glypic art
  • The Akkadian Empire was the first to make an administration and impose a single language and culture.
  • The spread of the Akkadian language, along with the cuneiform writing, marked a new era in forced acculturation.
  • The Akkadians were also known for their incredible art work.
  • Akkadian artists also discovered the "lost wax" method of bronze casting


Primary Source

Cuneiform Tablet:


  • writing was invented in Mesopotamia
  • It was about 3300 B.C
  • The early writing on theses tablets were used primarily as a means of recording and storing economic information
  • The tablet most likely documents grain distributed by a large temple, although the absence of verbs in early texts make them difficult to interpret with certainty.