John Legend

History madness

Facts about him

  • Born December 28, 1978
  • Hes a singer/songwriter/actor
  • He won 9 Grammy, one Golden Globes and one Academy award
  • Has a wife three siblings and two parents
  • Played the piano since he was seven
  • Wrote the song for the movie Selma


It's not wrong to be afraid but you have to fight through fear to over come it.


He was born in Springfield Ohio, he became a musician and songwriter working with a lot of artist. He was a child prodigy then his grandma taught him how to play piano when he started to grow up. He got afford to go to the Harvard University, or George Town University but instead he went to University of Pennsylvanian. i think he's important because he has a lot of history and also because of the song he wrote Glory. The song glory was about Selma of Montgomery the march led by Martin Luther King Jr.The message he was trying to send from this song is that everybody is equal no matter what race or religion.The song glory won and academy award. In conclusion i think john legend is an interesting person to learn about.

Why should i advance

I think i should advance because he is a very interesting person. I worked really hard on him because he didn't have many influences and many other etc.