Third Grade Newsletter

Getting down to the wire!



This week's newsletter is plain and simple. Our focus this week will be getting our students ready for the STAAR. They have worked so hard and this week will be reserved for some fine tuning.

In math, teachers will be focusing on the needs of students and helping them work through problems that they are having trouble with. In reading, students will be working on a practice reading passage to focus on main idea and texts that supports their responses to each question. We will be wrapping up the end of the week with a jeopardy game.This week in Science, students will be creating their own test questions for our upcoming assessment on the Solar System! Each science teacher will pick their favorite five questions from students in their class, followed by one assessment being created from these questions. If there were any activities, such as the necklace made from beads, that teachers did not get to last week, they will be completed this week. In Social Studies this week, students will be learning about Jonas Salk. In writing, students will finish their Natural Disaster Essay Final Copy.

Please revisit the previous newsletters to find helpful practice tools!

Please enjoy the videos below!

BEAT IT (SOLVE IT) Remix! - Sheldon Elementary STAAR Test Parody

What learning looks like in our classroom!

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Students complete a Personal Financial Literacy Lesson in Math, Model of the Solar System in Science Lab, and complete research for Writing!