Friday Focus

NEISD Library Services

Week of April 27 - May1, 2015

In this Friday Focus:

  • Summer Professional Development Opportunities- ESC-20
  • 2015 Sync Free Summer AudioBooks
  • How to Be a Rocket Scientist, by Brett Hoffstadt
  • Reminders & Updates

Summer Professional Development Opportunities- ESC-20

Reposted: Susanna Garza ESC20

ESC-20 is proud to announce the Digital Age Learning Summer 2015 Catalog. Browse through a wide variety of titles at Click on the image to open the catalog (Google Doc).


- Workshops free of charge are coded in red (some are open to public schools only).

- Sessions will basically be paperless. Handouts will be electronic for the most part.

- Please bring a laptop or iPad to the workshops. Details are listed in the workshop descriptions.

Please know that we are still adding titles to the catalog, so visit this website often or add the link to your favorites.

2015 Sync Free Summer AudioBooks

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The 2015 Sync Free Summer Audio Books is just around the corner. Look below at all the great free audio books you can download this summer. Please share this information with your campus staff and students as it is free to everyone.

Learn more here:

How to Be a Rocket Scientist, by Brett Hoffstadt

From Terri Eichholz, GT Teacher at Hidden Forest

The parent of one of my students published a book recently that I think would be of particular interest to the middle and high school students in our district, especially the ones at the science-related magnet schools. How to Be a Rocket Scientist, by Brett Hoffstadt, is very easy to read and gives excellent practical advice to students interested in STEM careers.

I did a short review about the book on my blog a few months ago if anyone wants a little more information.

Since Mr. Hoffstadt is a parent of two students in the district and we have seen a lot of interest in STEM in education lately, I think this resource would be a nice addition to our libraries. If any teachers or librarians would like to speak with Mr. Hoffstadt more about the book or his career as an aerospace engineer, I can give them his contact information.

Reminders & Updates

Library Annual Report is due by Monday morning, May 4

Sirsi Reminders (New Post)
All books will be due in Sirsi on May 19. Checkout should continue beyond this date for staff who need materials until the end of the school year. Use an override code to check out books.

Save the Date (Repost)

September 18, 2015

22nd Annual ESC-20 Library Resource Roundup 2015

"Picture Yourself"