DOG DAYS by Karen English CHAPTER 8

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Read-Aloud Tip for Families - Don't be afraid to be silly

Accents, funny voices, and sound effect are all great tools to use to make reading aloud more engaging. Character-specific voices or mannerisms also help listeners follow the dialogue. It might be a challenge, but it's worth the effort to make your story come alive.

Chapter 8: Where did Carlotta go?

In chapter 8, Gavin and Carlotta are still not getting along. Something happens to Carlotta and Gavin panics. Continue reading to see what happens.

Chapter 8: Vocabulary Terms

  • sprawled out (pg 101) - sitting in a relaxed position
  • "lighten up" (pg 101) - relax and don't be so serious
  • hostile (pg 102) - unfriendly
  • propose (pg 104) - suggest
  • irritation (pg 104) - inflammation or discomfort
  • "dognapped" (pg 105) - kidnapping involving a dog
  • ollie (pg 106) - a skateboard trick where the rider and board leap into the air without the use of the rider's hands
  • double dutch (pg 107) - a jump-rope game played with two long jump ropes swing in opposite directions with the jumper in the middle
  • inhales (pg 109) - breathes in
  • appetite (pg 110) - a desire to satisfy a need for food

Chapter 8: Trivia Questions

  1. What words popped into Gavin's head as soon as he woke up?
  2. What does Gavin notice his sister doing during breakfast?
  3. What are the three reason Gavin loves Fridays?
  4. Why is Aunt Myrtle frantic when Gavin gets home from schools?
  5. Why was Carlotta not wearing her collar?

Chapter 8: Discussion Questions

  1. Gavin's mom makes French toast every Friday. Do you have any traditions like that in your family? What is your favorite breakfast treat?
  2. Aunt Myrtle is so upset about Carlotta that she can't eat. How would you feel if your pet was missing?

Family Activity: From a Pet's Point of View

With your family, come up with a story of Carlotta's escape from her point of view. Elaborate on her thoughts and feelings.


Use the BINGO card as another family activity!
Big picture

"I don't know what's goig to happen if we don't find that dog." (pg 110) Gavin's mother worrying about what will happen with Aunt Myrtle if they don't find Carlotta.