Harry Potter

and the Sorcerer's Stone

About the book

If you have never seen the movie or read the book I really Recommend it because I didn't think that I would like them either. Now I really like them and i'm on the fifth book. You also have to read a couple chapters before you decide to quit. Also if you've watched the movie and didn't like it it doesn't mean that you won't like the books. f you started reading them when you were younger and didn't like them I would try them again because your mind might of changed about them.

The book Harry Potter is about a kid named Harry Potter and all of his struggles. His most struggle would be living with his aunt and uncle because they were cruel to him. They would never buy him new things like clothes and they would just ignore his birthday. They also made him sleep under the stairs in a small room with spiders. When he was little and he asked them were his mom and dad was he they would tell him they got in a car accident, and which later on in the book you will find out that is a lie.

Then Harry's life drastically changed when this guy named Hagrid came to tell him that he is a wizard and that his aunt and uncle have been lying to him this whole time. Hagrid also wanted Harry to know that the he was asked to join Hogwarts which is the best school for magic. Harry decided that he wanted to leave his aunt and uncle, so he left with Hagrid to go to the school.

At Harry's time at school he finds out that he is really good at quidditch, and that he was the only one who has ever played on the schools team as a first year student. Harry also finds new friends Hermione and Ron, and they are always together and they are always up to something. Later on in the book Harry and his friends find out that Voldemort the person that killed Harry's parents and tried to kill Harry was back, and was trying to kill Harry again. Harry ends up getting in a battle with him and scares him away and saves the school from destruction.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Trailer