Romeo: Internal Conflict

People should think about their emotions before they act

Theme: Act 5 Scene 3

Romeo was just faced with the death of his secret wife Juliet. He instantly drank poison so he could be with Juliet in the after life. Romeo spoke his last words to Juliet saying "Thus with a kiss I die" (1096). Romeo did not think about the outcome of his death, and his life would have turned out better.
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Act 1 Scene 1

Because Romeo did not find love in Rosaline, his cousin, Benvolio, tried to comfort him in which Romeo replied, "Why, such is love's transgression. Griefs of mine own lie heavy in my breasts." (999). Romeo instantly fell depressed after Rosaline rejected him.
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Act 3 Scene 1

Romeo was filled with emotions when Tybalt killed Romeo's good friend Mercutio in which Romeo responded, "And fire-eyed furry be my conduct now." (1048). Romeo is furious and is letting anger control his actions, which will end up making Romeo kill Tybalt.
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Act 5 Scene 3

After Romeo came to Juliet's tomb for his final goodbye, he discovered Paris was there too who thought Romeo was committing another crime. To which Romeo said, "I love thee better than myself." (1093) Romeo was filled with sadness and anger knowing that Juliet was dead. So he killed himself not knowing that Juliet was alive.
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