Jamaica Monthly Newsletter

November 2022

PTSO Updates

Follow our PTSO social media pages for important updates! Facebook is "Jamaica Elementary PTSO" and Instagram is "jamaicacrocsptso".

PTSO Reminder Dates

Nov 2nd Family Math Night

Nov 11th No School for Veterans Day

Nov 16th: 2nd Quarter PTSO meeting.

Nov 18th Mother and Son Dance

Nov 23-25 Thanksgiving Break

Birthday Marque Message

PTSO is still offering the Birthday Marquee Fundraiser. $10 will get your child’s name on the marquee for their birthday week. We can also do ½ birthdays as well! Forms are in the office.

Jamaica Official Calendar of Events

Did you know that you can find the latest information from our online Jamaica Calendar at anytime? Please click the ink below for the most up to date information. (save it to your favorites).


Yearbook Club Cover Competition

Yearbook Cover Drawing Competition

Theme: Desert (think Havasu)

Begins: Oct 17th

Ends: November 21st by 2:30pm

Voting will be held during the week of December 12th-16th

  • must be desert themed, school appropriate, and include Jamaica Elementary 2022-2023
  • hand drawn with no copyright images
  • standard (8.5 x 11) blank paper with no lines
  • vertical layout
  • name printed on back only (voting will be anonymous)
  • fill whole page with drawing/design
  • can be black and white or color
  • turn in to Mrs. Clayton or Mrs. Jaramillo (late entries will not be accepted)

Student Tardiness and Pick Up Times

Friendly reminder that the first bell is at 7:55 am daily and students must be in class by 8:00 am not to be considered tardy.

Please ensure your students are promptly picked up at the release of school, and If you are running late please contact the front office immediately.

School Shirts

Stop by the front office to get your school shirts. We have all sizes and colors currently available. You can also get long sleeve shirts now that the weather is cooling down. Please bring cash or credit card for payment. Don’t forget there is a Web Store found at: https://az-lakehavasu.intouchreceipting.com/

Short Sleeve Youth Shirts are $5

Long Sleeve Youth Shirts are $7

Safety and Security

At Jamaica, we take the safety of our students, staff, and guests seriously; therefore we are a closed campus.

  1. It is critical for safety that all guests, including parents and guardians, check in at the front office and sign in for a visitor’s badge. We ask that you do not go into the classrooms without an appointment.

  2. The gates are staying locked in the mornings until 7:45 am. This is for the safety and security of our students in the mornings. Students should wait near the building and away from the drive-through lane. Parents, please drop off and pick up outside the gates.

  3. In the parking lot, please use the crosswalk and do not walk in front of traffic. Thank you to our many parents who follow this rule to help model for our students. (This includes Jamaica. Please do not cross where there is no crosswalk)

Lunch With Students

We welcome you to come to have lunch with your student. We even have a special table just for you to eat with them. Per district policy, you may only bring food for your student.

Public Service Announcement / Methamphetamine "Candy"

The Lake Havasu City Police Department would like to make the community aware of a new drug that has arrived in Arizona. Methamphetamine, which comes in a pill form and resembles “sweet-tart” candy, has become the latest trend among drug traffickers.

These candy-like pills come in different shapes and sizes and have various imprints that make it harder to distinguish between candy and an illegal drug. This drug is known as “Candy” on the street. The United States Drug Enforcement Administration reports that counterfeit pills are easy to purchase and have become widely available through social media.

Parents are encouraged to educate their children on the dangers of drugs and the risks of taking any pill that is not properly dispensed by a licensed doctor or pharmacist.

If you would like more information about counterfeit pills or any other illegal drugs, please visit the DEA’s website at https://www.dea.gov.

Public Information Officer: Detective Chris Angus (928) 855-1171

Dress Code

As the weather is cooling down, we are seeing more and more hoodies. Please be sure that your student is wearing a standardized shirt underneath. Zip up hoodies are preferred instead of the pull-over type, but all jackets must be school appropriate.

**In addition, a few notes for the dress code. Shorts and skirts must be fingertip length. This means long enough so that when standing straight, hands at sides, the hem is at the edge of the fingertips. All bottoms should be free from rips, holes, or tears above the knees. Students are responsible for checking in the mirror before coming to school.

**Dress code will be enforced, and students will be required to change if they do not follow dress code. There will be NO exceptions.

News from Nurse Kaitlyn Weber

Holiday assistance programs are available for families in need. Please contact the nurse for more information.

The health office could use donations of plain girl’s leggings and plain boy’s pants in all sizes for situations where students may require a change of clothes.

Please make sure to send your student with warm clothes and a jacket during the cooler days and months.

As we enter cold and flu season, please be sure you are familiar with sick day guidelines and are keeping your children home when necessary.

Sick Day Guidelines (When to keep your student home)

School policy states a child must stay home if he or she:

- Has a fever of 100.4 degrees or higher. Keep your child home until his or her fever has been gone for 24 hours without medication.
- Has been vomiting or has had diarrhea. Keep your child home 12-24 hours after the last vomiting or diarrhea episode.
- Has symptoms that keep him or her from participating in school, such as:
  • -Very tired or lack of appetite
  • -Cough that he or she cannot control
  • -Moderate to severe headache, body aches or earache
  • -Sore throat - a minor sore throat is ok for school, but a severe sore throat could be strep throat, even if there is no fever.

If you have any questions for the school nurse please call 928-854-7283 or email kaitlyn.weber@lhusd.org

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