Air pollution hurts everyone!

Air pollution is destroying our planet and our health.

Dangers of pollution

Most people spend most their time indoors, so it is very important to take out pollution around your home to keep your family safe. One way is an air purifier in your home or furnace. Air pollution can harm adults and children lungs causing respiratory problems. Children could develop asthma or other respiratory issues. Higher polluted areas have been linked with heart attacks and cancer. Work sites can be one of the most polluted areas so it is important for workers to breathe healthy air. The most heavily air polluted area is Mexico City its air pollution has been reported as one of the highest. Mexico City has 123.5 million people making it one of the highest densely populated city in the world. The average life expectancy of a male is 68 making it one of the lowest one could argue this is due to air pollution.

Pollution Causes

Congress is being pressured by environmentalists to take back the clean air act one of our most effective laws yet. It may help stop many asthma attacks and air respirator diseases . Pollution is also causing the depletion of our ozone layer, that's why our planets climate is changing and their are warmer temperatures globally. Some causes of pollution our the cars people drive, big industries like coal, and not recycling plastic, and trash just lay on the ground. The Earth needs to be protected if people want to live in a healthy world they will need to stop polluting our environment with cars, and waste. One way to reduce our planets pollution is to go green. Solar energy instead of coal and fossil fuels which releases toxic gases into our air. Lowering emissions on the vehicle we drive. Planting more trees instead of burning our forests.These are all good ways to help improve our air.
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