Ajak Santino

Chapter 2

The plane pilot had a heat attack and died. Plane keeps on flying and brian sits there trying to figure out what to do. He decides to use the radio frequencies to find someone and talk to them. He finds a person and tries to talk but the signal dies. Then suddenly the plane starts to glide down.
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The Whole Book

Brian, a young city boy, is on his way to his dads' after his parents divorced when his plane ends up crashing. He is left stranded in the middle of a forest and has know idea where he is and how to survive. Over time he becomes aware of things better and learns how to hunt, fish, find shelter, and make a fire. He eventually recovers a survival pack that was left in the crashed plane. Then out of nowhere he gets saved by a pilot looking for fur trapping routs. Finally, he can thank his trusty hatchet for getting him through those harsh months.