'Atlantis' by Carol Roberts


The truth is not for borrowing

Hi folks and thanks for stopping by. My debut novel is finally ready for release! Here is the blurb:

When Alanthea, high-priestess of Atlantis, connects to a woman in her dreams, she becomes haunted by a mystery. Compelled to trace the other woman's life, she finds coded poems that hold clues to the predicament of her people. Now she has to venture ever farther into forbidden territory to link past and present, and understand the real danger threatening Atlantis.

Arakon always thought of himself as an orphan, a loner without any real belonging. But after a strange encounter his life changes, and he is drawn into events beyond his control.

They move parallel in their search for answers until their destinies converge, and the weave unravels. Yet what they finally uncover lies deep at the heart of collective evolution, and what has been set in motion cannot be undone.



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About Carol Roberts

  • Why do you write? - I write because I am fascinated by the human condition and concepts like destiny and the choices we have within that .
  • What was the inspiration for Atlantis? - I have several fields of interest. My real passion is mythology, especially stories of origin/creation. I think that mythology preserves what is important enough to have survived the ages, imbued with meaning. Leading on from there is my keen interest in psychology. What is important enough for our collective psyche to remember? And does it possibly store memory that goes back all the way to our evolution? Put together the two, and the mythical story of Atlantis started to take shape and form.
  • What genre do you write in and why? - I dabbled with poetry, then with short stories, and when I finally decided to write my first full length novel, I was drawn to write a mystery. And since it's a speculative story, it's fantasy.
  • Did you always want to be a writer, and if not, what did you want to be when you were a child? - I wanted to study psychology, but then decided to travel. Travelling was fascinating, I took a lot of notes about places and people, and my interest in mythology started there.
  • Do you have any current projects? Care to share? - I have now finished my second novel, ‘Tower of Babel’. This novel is romantic suspense/fantasy.