Auguste Rodin

Born on November 12, 1840 in Paris, France

He was a master in all media, including bronze,stone,plaster and wood.

He had vary little disputes and had very few criticism and personal insult during his life period. He had the control of all art in his days. Rodin started drawing and sculpting at an early age, he was impressed by Michelangelo's artwork.

Citation for the picture of the marble

Auguste Rodin was an accomplised sculpter.

He created most of his artwork in bronze or marble/stone. Ary Scheffer, Alexander Cabanel, and Constantine Brancusi are artists that make art like Auguste because of what they make. They make human people in paintings. But one used plaster to create their human. All of them were from the same time period.

The Thinker

This picture is now located in the Museum of August Rodin.


Auguste Rodin died on November 17, 1917 in Meudaon, Paris which was the location he made most of his artwork.

Map of Paris, France

This is a map of Paris, France where August Rodin was born and died.


This is a timeline of how long Auguste Rodin has worked in his life making sculptures.

The Gates Of Hell

This piece of artwork was made by Auguste Rodin and is located in the Museum of Auguste Rodin.